Friday, January 25, 2008

Open Caption #2

Another open caption for your enjoyment. Leave suggestions in the comments, plz! Kthx

Photo: Global Glenn (
Submitted by Puck
Jammer: Flo Shizzle, Charm City
Unknown Dallas skaters (name 'em in the comments!)

So if Flo Shizzle is skating superfast, does that make her a hustlin' Flo? :D

EDIT 2/12/08: Here's a capped submission from Willy Callit:

Threefer & Open Caption #1

This pic was so good that she couldn't stop at just one. The photog is unknown, but these were submitted by The Killustrator of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls. That's her as the jammer, along with two unidentified Morristown Madams (name 'em in the comments, please!).

Capped by The Killustrator

Capped by The Killustrator

Capped by Norma Jean Bruiser, LVRG

AND...introducing a new type of LOLlergirl. I get a lot of great blank pic submissions. My captioning skills--are not so gret, aktually. Ironic, no? So here's a chance for you, outside of the caption contests, to leave your captions in the comments (similar to Gawker's "Open Captions"). So what do you like for this pic? Here's the blank to inspire you:

EDIT 2/12/08: Here's a captioned submission from Willy Callit:



Sry for lack of posts. Busy Rabbit is busy. And it's the offseason for a lot of leagues. With new seasons starting I hope that will make for more lolz. Today I have new lolz for u.

Photo: ?
Capped and submitted by Ace Bandage, Queen City Roller Girls
Ref: Ace Bandage, QCRG
Skater: Brutali-Tease, also of Queen City

Thursday, January 10, 2008

den I sez

Photo: Kerry McClain (
Capped and submitted by BotGirl, TRD
Skaters: Dahmernatrix of Duke City and Rice Rocket of the Texas Rollergirls

Take my derbywife, plz!

oh hai E, want sum mai invisibul snocone?

Photo: Kerry McClain (
Capped and submitted by BotGirl, TRD
Skaters: Derringer of the Texas Texecutioners and Miss E. Vil of the Duke City Munecas Muertas

Mai neepad...

Photo: ?
Capped and submitted by BotGirl, Tucson Roller Derby
Skater: Dirty Teri of TRD


Photo: Scott Stuntz of Muttshotz Photography
Capped and submitted by Meredith Barnhill - fan and roller derby reporter for
Skaters: Jaws (L), Balls-Out Betty (R), both Big Easy Rollergirls