Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Open Caption #3

Photo: Ron Douglas
P.O.'d lookin' skater: Bump-Her Kar, of the Devil Dollies (Queen City Roller Girls--Buffalo, NY)
Submitted by: Oops! Didn't catch your name...will update this when I find out!

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Photo: ?
Capped, submitted and photoshopped by The Killustrator, Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Skaters (L to R): Haulin' Cass (playing with the Morristown Madams in this bout, formerly of the Garden State Rollergirls, newly of Gotham Girls Roller Derby), Norma Jean Bruiser of LVRG, Minerva Steele of LVRG, and two unknown Morristown skaters (name 'em in the comments!)