Thursday, November 22, 2007

I alwayz wanted a pony!

Photo taken, capped and submitted by Jason Bechtel
Skaters: Hannah Barbaric (Cincinnati Rollergirls) is the poneh, ridden by an unknown Ohio Rollergirl. Giddyup!

Happy Spanksgiving!


Hope ur enjoying ur turkeh and stuffingks.

I iz thankfuls for teh derby, and the funnee peektures people send. And mah kittehs and friends.

I iz also thankfuls for the Fall Brawl, this weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana, courtesy of the Fort Wayne Derby Girls. I'll be watching (and scrimmaging) all day Saturday and you should come out and watch too if you are in the area and need a derby fix. Deets can be found at the FWDG website.

See you there?

Happy Thanksgiving!



Photo taken, capped and submitted by BotGirl, Tucson Roller Derby
Skaters: Invisibuls.

In da wild, Zebras is eazily startled

Photo taken, capped and submitted by Jason Bechtel
Zeeba: Sal T. Nutz, Cincinnati Rollergirls

Monday, November 19, 2007


Photo: BrendanMC ( )
Capped and submitted by Hambone, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Skaters (L to R): Beyonsláy, Brigitte Barhot, Kandy Kakes, and Pop Rox, all of the Bronx Gridlock (GGRD)

Congratulations to the Bronx Gridlock, who won the GGRD 2007 Championship in a heart-stoppingly exciting bout with the Queens of Pain Saturday night!

The New York Times

Photo: A still from this video

Capped and submitted by Hambone, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Skater: Brigitte Barhot. Who also sell antiques, apparently.

evl cybrg jmr saiz

Photo: ? (Taken at the Rogue and Blue Ridge bout on 11/11/07)
Capped and submitted by GiveEmHella Ella, Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Skaters: Jammer is Moong Chi (BRRG) and behind her is Bull Lee (Rogue Rollergirls)

Monday, November 12, 2007


Photo: Papirazzi, #35mm (
Capped and submitted by ME!
Skaters: The New Jersey Dirty Dames' travel team, the Hub City Hellrazors, victorious last night in The Battle for New Jersey versus the Garden State Rollergirls. Peep the team roster and info at

Thanks to GSR and all the refs and skaters who made last night possible! I couldn't have asked for a better way to end our first season!


Photo: Papirazzi, #35mm (
Capped and submitted by: ME!
Skaters (L to R), Me (Ricochet Rabbit), Elle Toro, V-Rod DestroyHer, and Fender Smackherfaster, all of the New Jersey Dirty Dames' Hub City Hellrazors

If you haven't heard about what happened in The Battle for New Jersey, just wait for the bout recap on Derby News Network or have a look at the roller_girls or rollerderbyreferees Yahoo groups. I can has derby history?

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Photo: Tom Igoe (
Capped and submitted by Hambone, GGRD
Skater: Lil' Red Terror (GGRD, Brooklyn Bombshells)


Photo: Tom Igoe (
Capped and submitted by Hambone, GGRD
Skaters: CC Bullets (GGRD, Manhattan Mayhem) and Bone Crawford (New Jersey Dirty Dames, Hub City Hellrazors; formerly of the Manhattan Mayhem)


Photo: Tom Igoe (
Capped and submitted by Hambone, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Skaters (L to R): Raggedy Animal (GGRD, Brooklyn Bombshells), Regine Bull (Long Island Roller Rebels), and Hela Skelter (GGRD, Brooklyn Bombshells)

If you're not smiling when you see Hela grinning like that, you have no soul.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Photo: Hela Skelter
Caption: Ana Bollocks
Submitted by Hambone
Skaters: Lady Batterly on the left, Ariel Assault on the right (wearing teh undies on her head)

All of the above are from Gotham Girls Roller Derby. What kind of weird stuff is going on at the Crashpad, anyway? ;)


Photo: Katie Stapely (
Caption: Coco BangBang
Submitted by Nina Millimeter
Skaters: The 2007 Windy City Rollers Champions, the Double Crossers
Peep the roster and team info at

Congratulations ladies! YOU HAS A BUKKIT!


Photo: ? (BotGirl, did you take this one?)
Capped and submitted by BotGirl, Tucson Roller Derby
Skater: Fisti Cuffs, then of TRD, now of Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Caption Contest Results


Sorry about the lack of updates, work (and beer) have prevented me from doing things such as maintaining my online presence. We had a few more entries for the Caption Contest, so here are winners!

We'll start with a third runner-up. It's DayGlo Divine (why is that so hard to type with a liter of beer in my belly?), ref for the DC Rollergirls:

Second runner-up is Willy Callit:

First runner-up is Howie Swerve, ref for the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK):

Ever notice that there is an inordinate number of refs who place in the caption contests? What are they really thinking as they are reffing us???

Congratulations to our winner, BotGirl from Tucson Roller Derby!!

So what have we learned? ICHLJ Caption Contest judges like bukkits, buttsecks, and invisible things. Keep that in mind for the next Caption Contest, coming your way in December. Perhaps saving all the cleverness for a monthly contest will help.

Congratulations to all the placing contestants! I will post a new contest the first week of December and will update ICHLJ tomorrow when it's not so hard to type (and hopefully without a raging hangover)...


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Final (?) Caption Contest

OK, so here is the pic for what may be the last ICHLJ Caption Contest. :( It was taken by Holly GoHardly ( of Charm City's Mobtown Mods, and features Mibbs Breakin' Ribs (in blue, of the Night Terrors), Pistol Whip (in front) and Betty Beatdown (in back), both of the Speed Regime:

So now's the time to pull out your best captions and send them to icanhasleadjammer AT gmail DOT com. The deadline is Monday, November 5 at midnight Eastern time. The winners will be posted on Wednesday the 7th!


Caption Contest Results

Sorry for the delay...My internet access at home conked out yesterday and I just got it going again. Anyway, on to the results...

First runner-up comes from Ivan Thinking:

And the winner is Willy Callit:

Congratulations, Willy!

So...there is only one runner-up this time because those were the ONLY two entries. Ivan Thinking did provide a belated entry to the last contest:

I'll post another contest pic in a few minutes, but if this one doesn't get some more action, then I might have to declare the death of the caption contests. :(