Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Help the Gotham Girls with an assist!

HELP GGRD WIN $10,000!!

Help Gotham Girls Roller Derby assist the derby community with a $10,000 contribution from the new rock station 101.9 RXP -- "The New York Rock Experience!"

The new radio station 101.9 RXP "The New York Rock Experience" (101.9 FM) is hosting a special challenge for its listeners, and Gotham Girls Roller Derby could win $10,000 to help finance the continued production of national-quality roller derby competition for women in New York City, including training programs, local community outreach programs and skating workshops.

The Gotham Girls, should they win the grand prize, have additionally committed funds to assist the Tahirah Johnson Trust, benefiting the rehabilitation of Tequila Mockingbird, injured skater of Chicago's Windy City Rollers.

Help GGRD get the most votes and bring in $10,000 for derby!

All the details of the promotion are at:http://www.gothamgirlsrollerderby.com/charityvote

Vote early, and vote often! You can vote ONCE A DAY FOR 45 DAYS from December 15th through January 30th, 2009. EVERY DAY COUNTS! So sign up for a daily reminder!

GGRD has set up a special e-mail list just for this promotion where supporters can sign up to receive a brief daily reminder to vote. Please sign up for the daily reminder to take one minute a day to help Tequila and GGRD's community outreach programs. Submit your e-mail address at the bottom of http://www.gothamgirlsrollerderby.com/charityvote


Please tell friends to vote as well! Please forward them the text of this announcement and invite them to sign up for the daily voting reminder at http://www.gothamgirlsrollerderby.com/charityvote

Every time you vote, or tell a friend to vote, you are making a huge difference for derby!


Gotham Girls Roller Derby NFP, Ltd. is a public charity, exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the league are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Photo: Jim Rhoades
Capped and submitted by Plenty O'Toole, Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Skaters (L to R): Skid Ho (Mason Dixon Roller Vixens), Plenty O'Toole (H.A.R.D.), and Jesse Blames (H.A.R.D.)

We likez teh buttsecks.

Merby Open Caption Twofer

Photos: ?
Submitted by MotorPsycho, New York Shock Exchange
Skaters: Top--Patrick Bateman & MotorPsycho (both of NYSE) and Cirkle Jerk of the Connecticut Death Quads
Bottom--Jonathan R., Patrick Bateman (behind Jonathan R.), Darth Invader, Rinkworm, and Motorpsycho, all of NYSE, Cirkle Jerk of the CT Death Quads


Photo taken, capped and submitted by Jeff Boyce
Skater: Lixxie Stixx, Garden State Rollergirls
Ref: Judge Knot, Philly Rollergirls

Sunday, December 7, 2008



I know you like roller derby. And you like pictures. And you want to support roller derby and pictures of people playing roller derby. And you might need to buy people you know gifts for the holidays.

If any of the above apply to you, you should check out these items from Gotham Girls Roller Derby on eBay. Autographed pics of your favorite Gotham Girls All-Stars! There is no better gift to be given! All proceeds go to funding the travel expenses of the WFTDA National Champion Gotham Girls All-Stars.




Photo: Spotty Dog Photography
Capped and submitted by Heather W.
Skaters (L to R): Auntie Establishment, Madame Abagael, Snot Rocket Science (bench manager), Busty Brawler, Molly McShovin, Icepick, all of the Steel City Derby Demons B-Unit


Photo: Filthy McNasty (a.k.a. BrendanMC)
Capped and submitted by Hambone, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Skaters: Nina Millimeter (Windy City) and Kandy Kakes (GGRD)


Photo: Apron (bjmacke)
Capped and submitted by Hambone, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Skaters: Miss E. Vil & Kamikaze Kim of Duke City, Surly Temple of GGRD

You can has kissez.

RAD! or Open Caption #18

Photo: Dan Statler Photography
Submitted by Dr. Gyn O'Might (Ventura County Derby Darlins)
Skaters: Vendetta Vixen (Ventura County Derby Darlins), Liza Mean-elli (Inland Empire Derby Divas), and Pabst Smear Ribbon (VCDD)

BZZZ! I Beez Air Plane!

Photo: M.E. Stadler
Capped and submitted by Valerie of the Dolls, Chicago Outfit
Skaters: Polly Pocketknife, Queefer Sutherland, Valerie of the Dolls, Betty Blok'her, Jennie Lee Von Slaughter, all of the Chicago Outfit

Pleze don't leaves me!

Recaption of Open Caption #9
Capped and submitted by Valerie of the Dolls, Chicago Outfit


Photo: Chris Chin
Capped and submitted by Hambone, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Skaters: Suzy Hotrod (jammer) and Kandy Kakes, both of GGRD

Doan wanna be a blocker no moar

Photo: ?
Skaters: Speedy Guns Haul Ass (jammer, Slaughter County Roller Vixens) and Slaughter-Kinney (Rainy City Roller Dolls)
Capped and submitted by Brittney L. (have a derby name? Lemme know!)