Thursday, July 31, 2008

Open Caption #16

Photo: ?
Submitted by Hambone, Gotham Girls Roller Derby (with the assist from Hannah Grenade, LA Derby Dolls)
Skaters: Aunt Flo (jammer), San Diego Derby Dolls, and Vixia Vex (blocker), also of SDDD.

Bonus captioned LOL, courtesy of Darth eVader, Tucson Derby Brats:

MOAR LOLZ, this one from Aunt Flo herself!

o hai i can has em see and ayy?

Photo taken, capped and submitted by Jason Bechtel
Skater: Suzy Hotrod, Gotham Girls Roller Derby

(and I just noticed me in the background with the red GGRD shirt!)

i haz danc skillz

Photo: Kerry McClain Photography (
Capped and submitted by Elle McFierce, Houston Roller Derby
Skaters: ? Name 'em if you know 'em!

u ated my cookie

Photo: Christopher Bail
Capped and submitted by BB Basher
Skaters: all Steel City Derby Demons (Pittsburgh):
Angry green blocker - BB Basher
Black Pivot - Double Destroyer
In teh background - Wanda Skate, J Bomb, Athena and Formalda Heidi
In teh back background - Hannibal Refter


Photo taken, capped and submitted by Filthy Luka
Zeebas: Mr. RAWK, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, nomming Dr. Vroom, Windy City Rollers

Mai head ref has a first name, it's NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM...

piggyback ride

Photo: Joe Rollerfan
Capped and submitted by Judy Asa Punk, Dockyard Derby Dames
Skaters: Vitamin V, Dockyard Derby Dames (white top), and B-Tease-N, Oly Rollers (pink top)

Maybe try a 'Slay Ride?

Open Caption #15

Photo: Apron (
Submitted by Violet Temper, Philly Rollergirls
Skaters: Gloria Grindem, Philly Rollergirls and one of the Dairyland Dolls (name the flying skater in the comments, plz!)

I has invisubul bass

Photo taken, capped, and submitted by Filthy Luka
Skater: Roxanna Hardplace, Detroit Derby Girls


Photo: ? (HKRG fan)

Capped and submitted by: Madame Mayhem, Hard Knox Roller Girls

Skater: Val Yumm, Hard Knox Roller Girls

dear god

Photo: ? (HKRG Fan)

Capped and submitted by: Madame Mayhem, Hard Knox Roller Girls

Skaters: (L-R) Miss Kat A Kombs, Kell's Inferno (HKRG jammer), Sk8 Ninja (Derby City Roller Girls), unknown DCRG, Tank Her A!! (HKRG pivot), Carrie A Glock (DCRG), unknown DCRG jammer--Name the unknowns in the comments (if you can)!


Photo: ?
Capped and submitted by High Trie Zen, Dixie Derby Girls
Skaters: Wicked One, B.O.A., Bama Brewser (all Dixie Derby Girls)

Mai Boob!!!


Submitted by: Madame Mayhem, Hard Knox Roller Girls, Knoxville TN

Skaters: (left to right) Tank Her A!! (HKRG), Drop Dead Gorgeous (HKRG), Cherry Darling (R.O.C.K), Beverly Killbilly (HKRG)

Look, Look!!! Buttsecks!!

Photo By : Fan in the Crowd

Capped and Submitted by : Madame Mayhem, Hard Knox Roller Girls, Knoxville TN

Skaters: Forrest Ump, Blue Ridge Roller Girls (ref), Sir Wheel of Derby City Roller Girls (in black), Madame Mayhem of Hard Knox Roller Girls (in green)