Thursday, July 31, 2008

dear god

Photo: ? (HKRG Fan)

Capped and submitted by: Madame Mayhem, Hard Knox Roller Girls

Skaters: (L-R) Miss Kat A Kombs, Kell's Inferno (HKRG jammer), Sk8 Ninja (Derby City Roller Girls), unknown DCRG, Tank Her A!! (HKRG pivot), Carrie A Glock (DCRG), unknown DCRG jammer--Name the unknowns in the comments (if you can)!


Anonymous said...

Blue-helmeted DCRG is Sweet Mama.

Tyra Durden said...

That's not Carrie, that's Dixie Dieway. And that jammer *may* be Biddy the Bomber. But I am not sure. It looks like Raquel Squelch, but I'm not certain she played that game.