Friday, November 9, 2007

Caption Contest Results


Sorry about the lack of updates, work (and beer) have prevented me from doing things such as maintaining my online presence. We had a few more entries for the Caption Contest, so here are winners!

We'll start with a third runner-up. It's DayGlo Divine (why is that so hard to type with a liter of beer in my belly?), ref for the DC Rollergirls:

Second runner-up is Willy Callit:

First runner-up is Howie Swerve, ref for the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK):

Ever notice that there is an inordinate number of refs who place in the caption contests? What are they really thinking as they are reffing us???

Congratulations to our winner, BotGirl from Tucson Roller Derby!!

So what have we learned? ICHLJ Caption Contest judges like bukkits, buttsecks, and invisible things. Keep that in mind for the next Caption Contest, coming your way in December. Perhaps saving all the cleverness for a monthly contest will help.

Congratulations to all the placing contestants! I will post a new contest the first week of December and will update ICHLJ tomorrow when it's not so hard to type (and hopefully without a raging hangover)...



puck said...

ooh, i heart crappy invisible couch.

botgirl said...

I was tempted to make it even longer, like "crappy invisibul couch gives mibbs a backache," but simple is good. ^_^