Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Photo: ?
Capped, submitted and photoshopped by The Killustrator, Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Skaters (L to R): Haulin' Cass (playing with the Morristown Madams in this bout, formerly of the Garden State Rollergirls, newly of Gotham Girls Roller Derby), Norma Jean Bruiser of LVRG, Minerva Steele of LVRG, and two unknown Morristown skaters (name 'em in the comments!)


alison said...

I am so dumb. This was my train of thought while looking at this pic:

'Hey that's Morristown! What kind of goofy event did they hold where they were pushing shopping carts around? And that looks like Minerva...but we never skated with shopping carts...it IS Minerva! What the? But I was at that bout and I don't remember this crazy shopping cart race? Oh. Right. Photoshop.'



Jill Nye

botgirl! said...

I love cut-n-paste asshattery such as this.

Anonymous said...

Photoshop skillz. I has them.


donald said...

just remember, HAMS=$$$$$$!

The Original TX/GGRDonald Ruperecht
next time you hear the beep, just think of all the fun you'll have on SUPERMARKET SWEEP! ;-P

A said...

The Morristown skaters are Yula G. and Village Vixen.

jeff said...

That's Village Vixen and Yula G of the Morristown Madams