Friday, August 31, 2007

5 Days of ICHLJ!

Wow, so this blog has been in existence for 5 days now and we've already got 43 posts, with a whole bunch more waiting in my inbox. I never imagined that this would take off like it did, and for that I'm really grateful to all the readers and submitters!

I'm shooting for the goal of posting about 5 or 6 submissions a day, so please be patient if it takes a few days for yours to come up. I plan on posting every LOLlergirl I get, so if you've got 'em, send 'em in!

I've also got a few pictures begging for captions that are more clever than anything I could come up with. So look forward to some caption contests in the near future. It might become a weekly thing, especially if more people submit good pictures for them. I can't give you anything more than pride and joy, but if there are sponsors out there who would like to furnish some lovely prizes, please let me know!

Anyway, big thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen! And if you happen to be in the New Jersey area this weekend, come on by the 2nd Annual DerbyQ at Fords Park in Woodbridge. It's on Sunday starting at noon. You can find more info at We'd love to see you there!

~Ricochet Rabbit

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