Monday, May 11, 2009


Capped and submitted by Juggernaut Bitch, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Photo: Xena Paradox, Boston Derby Dames
Skaters: Holy Hellga (PVRD, riding the poneh), and L to R: Joan'a Sparks, V-Rod DestroyHer, and Mental Block of the New Jersey Hellrazors. Can someone name the PVRD skaters? Kthx.


Katsby said...

PVRD skaters from left to right: Holy Hellga, Beast Infection, Bloodbath & Beyond, Juggernaut Bitch

Bitches Bruze said...

The talk on PVRD's internal boards is that Western Mass Destruction had their own air band on the track:

Holy Helga - lead guitar
Beast Infection - bass
Bloodbath & Beyond - drums
Juggernaut Bitch - vocals