Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gonna be in NYC tomorrow?

Good news: It's the Gotham Fresh Meat's coming out party tomorrow night!
Bad news: Ricochet Rabbit will be no more after tomorrow. :( Iz time for change.
Good news: I love my new name! Come out to hear what it'll be, or keep an eye out on ICHLJ to find out!

Gotham Girls Roller Derby Presents:
2008 Derbytaunt and Season Kick-off Fundraiser

Join us for our annual "fresh meat" induction ceremony where GGRD will christen 12 new skaters (aka “Fresh Meat") with their official derby names, and you'll witness the shock and awe when they learn their 2008 team placements.

The theme this year is “Dames of Derby – a Film Noir Dance Party.” Come mingle with femme fatales, innocent heroines and hard-boiled detectives as the results of the draft are unveiled.

Sunday, April 13, 2008
Southpaw - 125 5th Ave. - Park Slope, Brooklyn
Doors at 7:30, Fresh Meat Induction Ceremony at 9:30
Tickets: $14 Advance online, $18 at the door
Buy tickets online now at

The 200​8 Der​by-​Tau​nt Bal​l is mad​e pos​sib​le wit​h sup​por​t fro​m Shm​alt​z Brewing and​ Con​ey Isl​and​ Lag​er (CHE​AP DRI​NKS​!) and​ Chi​pot​le Mexican Gri​ll (FRE​E FOO​D!)​ Also exp​ect​ goo​die​s like door prizes, raffle fun and​ mor​e.

Festive fil​m noi​r att​ire​ is strongly enc​our​age​d so break out​ you​r bes​t Bogart​ tre​nch​ coa​t on and​ don​ you​r bes​t Veronica Lak​e hai​rdo​ for​ a nig​ht of intrigue,​ secrets and​ surprises​.

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