Saturday, April 12, 2008

Open Caption #8

Photo: Danyel Duncan - Shoot to Kill photography
Submitted by Loretta Beretta, Chicago Outfit Roller Derby
Skaters: Kim Mortal (L), Sweet Mary Pain (R)


Marika said...

I can has folding chair?

Onoes! Folding chair has ME!

Christal said...

i saied FOLD, dang folding chair.

Anonymous said...

Chair iz not jammer. Git glasses.

Ace Bandage said...

"You sayz go to box,NOW DERS NO BOX!

Wat now Zebraz?"

Gibby said...

I'z in ur front roes..

Rearrangin' ur furniturez.

RJR said...

hai, yer not zebra, you cant send me 2 da box!