Thursday, October 16, 2008


Photos: Darren Mayhem
Capped and submitted by Hambone, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Skaters: Beyonsláy, GGRD, and Shenita Stretcher, Philly Rollergirls

Hard bloks. 'Slay has them.


Anna said...

maybe, some day i'll be so awesome there will be pictures like this and it'll be capped to say "WRECKED". or not.

Rei Zerburnn said...

O wau! I luv dis wan!

Seriously that chick is mad dangerous...I saw her literally lift a jammer clear off her skates with a mere flick of her hip at Nationals.


donald said...

eets luvlee weader 4 a SLAY RIDE 4 YOU~!

The Original GGRDonald

(nooz u'l shut yer iiz aut, keed!)