Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zeeba LOLs!

Ref: Craigsfist, Ventura County Derby Darlins
Skater: Titty Kitty VCDD

Ref: Craigsfist, VCDD
Skater: Dr. Gyn O'Mite, VCDD

Jus b careful not to crash invizibl bike.

Skaters: Juv E. Nile, Hitman Heidi
Ref: Craigsfist

All capped and submitted by Craigsfist. Name missing names in the comments, plz!


DayGlo Divine said...

Poor zeeba.

Alia said...

Oh Craigsfist...

Missing names:
"Pak reff ur doing it rong"
Vicious Ticious, Titty Kitty, Ally Crash (VCDD)
(I don't know that Bako girl)

Afternoon DD-lite VCDD
ref - Craigsfist

"I is just joking"
Dr. Gyn o'Might. Craigsfist can't spell.

"I can has invizibul bisicle?"
Vicious Ticious VCDD

"Where is the other team?"
Dr. Gyn o'Might (between Juv E. and Hitman)