Monday, September 17, 2007

Caption Contest #2 Winners


Again, another great contest with many, many worthy entries. So let's get to the winners, shall we?

We had another tie for first runner-up!

Fresh Meat Teresa from the Dominion Derby Girls gave us this gem:

Heehee. Thanks, Teresa!

Our other first runner-up is from a team effort. Nina Millimeter from the Double Crossers (Windy City Rollers) came up with the caption and Dixie Pixie of the Manic Attackers (also Windy City) brought the Photoshop skills:

I do so love the bukkit macros. :)

I'd also like to toss an honorable mention Hambone's (Gotham Girls Roller Derby) way. He gave us this lovely tribute to a much-loved ref:

If you aren't familiar with Tomahawk's infamous choice of clothing, you can go here:

And now, the big winner!

Congratulations to Jeff Biancardi, derby fan extraordinaire!

Big congratulations to all our winners! Also, thanks to the judges, especially Eden MyDust of the New Jersey Dirty Dames who filled in as a guest judge this week.

Stay tuned to ICHLJ, later today I will post our new picture for Caption Contest #3.

~Ricochet Rabbit


Hambone said...

seems like a caption more suited for a wicked pissah from the boston derby dames than a gotham girl ...

Ricochet Rabbit said...

Or a kid from the frozen tundra of Colorado?

Feevies Jeebies said...

Hey hey hey! The Pissahs are all loveable/loving creatures Hambone! We're not all that bad hahaha