Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Capped and submitted by Cheap Ore, Tucson Roller Derby
Skater: Is that you, Ore? Let us know in the comments!

BTW, I've been dying for some bucket captions. Yay!


Mark (Derby Brat Rosie's dad) said...

Ore, yet again, in a sea of Furious Truck Stop Waitresses. Somebody is going to have to 'splain the bucket reference to mees.

Cheap Ore said...

Actually capped By Ferocious Oxide's husband. he also capped the keymaster pic b/c he is awesome.
I am still trying to find mah bukkit, btw. wtfbbq.

Gnosis said...

I've been dying to *make* a bucket caption! But alas, buckets are rare in roller derby photos.

Mark, do a google image search for "i has a bucket".

Carrie Gunns said...

The Waitresses are Betty Anarchy, All Night Dinah and Sassy Sue :)