Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Twofer!

Photo: Hotelcoffee on Flickr (? Let us know if you know this one for sure!)
Capped and submitted by Anna Wrecks'Ya, Boston Derby Dames/N.E.R.D.
Skaters: Dolly Rocket of Charm City, Scootaloo of Minnesota RollerGirls (and is that Rumblebee in the background?)

Anna also submitted another version of this pic:

Ladies, play nice! ;)


Johnny Zebra - Referee said...

Photo is by BJMackie, aka Apron, an MNRG volunteer

Drew said...

That _is_ Rumblebee in the background. After a particularly hard takedown by Rumblebee followed by the cutest and most evil MNRG player shooting across the field like a tiny lead meteor to take down Dolly again.

It was nuts.

Anonymous said...

fighting is so five years ago. someone missed the memo.