Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Can Has Nationals?


Wow! Best. Weekend. EVAR.

Lemme tell you what a giant puss I am. I saw "Hell on Wheels" on Friday and I was choked up almost the entire time, just so proud and thankful for what these women did to bring us the thing that has now become so much of my life. I did actually cry at the end. And then I was near tears while watching all the incredible derby that was going on. The Rat City-Texas game and the championship game were both just poetry in motion. I was totally inspired and so happy to be a part of it all. Maybe someday I'll get to skate at Nationals too...someday...

I also got to skate on the banked track, courtesy of TXRD! So fun, definitely want to do that again.

Major kudos to the Texas Rollergirls, TXRD, all the teams who skated, refs, the support staff, the city of Austin for just being awesome...the list goes on and on. And I met so many fantastic people! Overall it was a magical weekend. Tough to get back to real life and catch up on everything (which took longer than anticipated, hence why I am finally posting today instead of yesterday). I can't wait until next year in Portland!

So you can help us all relive the fun of Nationals weekend! Get your best pics from the weekend together and send them in! We start today!

Ricochet Rabbit

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