Monday, October 8, 2007


Photo: ?
Capped and submitted by Hambone, Gotham Girls Roller Derby


Hambone said...

I don't remember writing this caption, but at any rate the photo is by ginger snap. It was a scene she discovered (unaltered) at the KCRW vs Minnesota bout, September 2007. Looks like that referee might have found a special bathroom friend.

DayGlo Divine said...

All refs need special bathroom friends.

botgirl said...

I'd hate to see what kind of penalties one might incure while peeing.

Hurt Reynolds said...

Snap didn't wander into the mens room on her own to find that :) When I ran into it, I had to show someone, and she was nearby.

Some of the concessions folks there had zeeba shirts, so, probably not a derby ref, but it was a beautiful scene all the same!